A whole new adventure…

My first ever trail adventure…

It came about quite unexpectedly and suddenly that a trail run was in my very immediate future. So, with immediate effect, I had a week and a half to prepare…

Crazy right.

Well, on top of that I had to first arrange babysitters and complete my first ever marathon 5 days before the event.

I was ready. I was prepared. But I was stressed out and consumed with attending to my kids needs prior to the trail run, as it required me to be away for a number of days.

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30 activities to do with your 8 year old.

Memories with children
We live in a very busy world. And by busy I mean always busy. Everyone is always busy.

We have to make time somewhere in our busy schedule for the things we want to do which please us. We also, as parents, have to make time in our very busy lives for our children. It does not have to be 3 hours a day.

But whatever amount of time you decide to dedicate to your child/children, it must be exactly that. Dedicated.

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